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I have a physics friend who is a christen and has sent me a document (that I think came from /190736802914?).=&nma=true&si=9QY5C6CPFH593pum5zJ9XVS%2B%2Bz4%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 )

My friend states that (at least the way I read my friend's statement) that this also is his reason for being religious. I interpret that as: my friend believes that there is something that cannot ever be explained by science... I will ask and verify this interpretation.

I have another friend who thinks that there are "some" things that science will not be able to explain.

I have no comment yet on these views (other than I disagree with them).

For those who want more information about Einstein and Religion, see:

Question EVERYTHING (even this)

just because science hasn't yet or ever will explain everything does not mean some supernatural being caused it or explains it.......

Suzanne Marshall

This is a paper that is a "historical" document as written by someone in the future.
It represents the Collapse of western society due to global warming. It is fun(?) read in light of my recent read of Diamond's Collapse.


Question everything -- always; even this!