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For the Jefferson Center

The Jefferson Center lives through the efforts of volunteers. If you are willing, please offer your help in making Salons, Lectures and Social Events happen, or in getting office tasks done. Only an hour or two, a few times a year, is all we ask. Let us know how you can apply your talents toward this good cause.

To help with Lectures, Social Events, Public Outreach, or Fundraising please contact Roy Kindell by clicking here.
To help select topics for Salons, or would like to present a Salon, or can volunteer to provide refreshments, please contact Diana Spade by clicking here. (Note: contact form requires member log-in.)

For the Community

Jefferson Center members can contribute to the community many ways, including help for the homeless and other projects. Please contact Roy Kindell by clicking here for information, or post your own volunteer project in the Forums area by clicking here and adding a new forum topic. (Note: posting forum items requires member log-in.)