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Using this site
Here are some suggestions on how to use the site. Let us know what topics we've missed--there is an area set aside in the 'Member site feedback' Forum.

New Accounts
Due to repeated spam attempts we have decided to require a communication with the site administrators for a non-JeffCenter member to get an account.
If you want an account and are not a member of the Jefferson Center, you must:

  1. send an e-mail to dbcurtis (at) gmail (dot) com;
  2. having a subject "New JeffCenter Account Request";
  3. you must include your phone number so that we can call you and verify who you are and why you want an account.
  4. you must include your name.

Forgot account name or password
Here is how you recover your account name or reset your password. The following steps will work. Follow them exactly!

  1. On the left hand side of the home page, under "User login", you will see a "Request new password" link --- click that link.
  2. Enter your account name (if you remember it) OR your e-mail address.
  3. Click the "E-mail new password" button.
  4. You will see a "User Account page", that includes a notice that "Further instructions have been sent to your e-mail address." CLOSE that page! Get out of website (if you are not sure, exit your browser).
  5. Open your e-mail and find an e-mail from "" with Subject "Replacement login information for at The Jefferson Center".
  6. Follow the instructions in the e-mail exactly.

Logging in
Logging in to our site is something new for Jefferson Center accounts. All visitors can see most site information, but only registered accounts can log in to make comments and add other content. Accounts for dues-paying members of the center can receive a temporary password from Dan Curtis. Once you have logged in, please change your password to something more secure by clicking the 'My Account' button. You can also add a profile picture if you wish. Members have more access rights than simple account holders or a visitor.

Basic navigation
This site has many options for navigation. We've tried to make it easy to get around. You will see colored links here and there that, when clicked, take you elsewhere on the site, or to other sites. You can always return to where you were by clicking the 'Back' button on your browser. Some site pages feature up/down left/right navigation options. All active links are in color, different than the main text.

Using Forums
Forums are for member discussions on specific topics. Some suggested topics are shown to get things started. When logged in (as a Jeffcenter member), you will see additional areas not visible to the general public or accounts that are not associated with a Jeffcenter member), including the member site feedback forum. Registered members can add replies to messages by others or add new discussion topics as they wish. Current forums are listed in the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Using Blogs
Blogs are similar to forums, also at the top of the page, but intended for more personal discussions. Like the Forum area, Blogs are an experiment to see what members would like to do. Feedback welcome.

Making comments
Certain sections of the site are open for comments related to a particular topic, such as the Lecture program, Salons, Book Group, and New Scientist. There are Forum areas proposed for these topics as well. We've given some examples to get things rolling.

A new feature is the Calendar memu item. Use the forward/back buttons to see other months.

Adding other content
This site relies on a team of "content owners" to keep the content fresh and accurate rather than on a single webmaster. Some content roles seem clear, such as for Lectures, Salons, Book Group, etc., where committees and other processes exist for defining upcoming events.

Your web developmnet team,
Richard LeVitt and Dan Curtis