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Dark Matter

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Recently, New Scientist reported on a study by European Southern Observatory astronomers that failed to find any gravitational effect by dark matter on the orbits of 400 Milky Way stars. Believers in MOND and other alternative theories rejoiced, others were sure an error was made. They were right.

A group at Pinceton reanalyzed the same data set, and found a bad assumption. Corrected, the result is a local dark matter density in line with predictions.

What's your take on the evidence for and against mysterious dark matter which (if it truly exists) has far more mass than ordinary matter such as we are made of?


When an ESO study found no local dark matter, New Scientist reported this shocking result fairly. When a Princeton team found dark matter after all, the magazine had a small blurb with a question mark in the title. However, their online version was more balanced. See