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"Engaging Creationists: Should You?"

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Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 4:00pm

We often hear or read something about the origins that is so erroneous that it takes us by surprise and often leaves us speechless. Do we remain silent or speak up? If we decide to challenge statements that are incorrect we should probably ask ourselves several important questions first. What are our goals? How effective will we be? Will presenting evidence work? Are there any dangers to relationships? In this presentation by Dr Jon Peters we will look at why arguing with evidence can often make the situation worse and why, the contribution of confirmation bias, and how motivated reasoning is so central to the creationist. Please note change of venue....we will be meeting at the Ashland Community Center, 59 Winburn Way.

Dr. Peters has an MD from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, and was awarded the degree of Fellow by the American Academy of Family Physicians in 2007. He has a long term interest in the religious and scientific conflicts over origins, and an appreciation of what newer DNA and fossil discoveries bring to the origins debate. He is active promoting secular humanism and reason via CFI Portland and by starting a secular humanist group in Portland that has grown to over 450 members.