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"In Pursuit of Happiness"

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Sunday, September 13, 2015 - 4:00pm

The September 13, 2015, 4-6pm Salon: "In Pursuit of Happiness", a round robin discussion, moderated by Surya Bolom will be at The Jefferson Center. Happiness is thought of as the good life, freedom from suffering, flourishing, well-being, joy, prosperity, and pleasure. Its pursuit is enshrined as a fundamental right in the United States constitution and is sought by most of us. But what do we really know about happiness? Can we study it? Are we born with it? Can we make ourselves happier? Who’s happy and who’s not, and why? What makes us happy? Researchers are learning more and more about the answers to these questions. Join us for a lively discussion!
We don't want to take up discussion time to show them but if you have the time review one or more of these TED talks (all less than 25 min) about happiness:
The Habit of Happiness by Matthieu Ricard
Happiness and its Surprises by Nancy Etcoff
The Surprising Science of Happiness by Dan Gilbert
Flow, the Secret to Happiness by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Surya Bolom, our moderator, is a retired Chiropractor, Yoga teacher and Jefferson Center Board Member. She presently lives in Ashland with 3 happy and 1 peevish cat.