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Salon "How are you coping in these unique political times"

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Sunday, April 2, 2017 - 4:00pm

Please join us on April 2nd (NOTE DATE CHANGE) at 4 PM, at the Jefferson Center for an interesting open discussion, "How are you coping in these unique political times in the USA", facilitated by long time Jefferson Center Member, Noreen Hulteen.
Below is explanation in Noreen's words……
"This round robin discussion is open to all points of view. We are not there to change anyone's position. We will listen politely to how everyone sees the situation we are in and what they are doing about it. I will limit "talk-time" to 2 minutes, on-subject, from their point-of view, for each person attending. It would be wonderful if you could prepare what you want to share in advance of the meeting. Open discussion after everyone has shared will continue until the scheduled end-time. I will reserve the final 5 minutes to sum up the main points.
Because the subject is fraught with potholes, we will expect everyone to do their share of listening and speaking. I will provide everyone with a list of the activists that I know are working in our area, and we will add to the list any organizations, that you know about, that are missing from the list.
Our objective is to share and learn from each other."

Thank you
Noreen Hulteen