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JC Salon: Celebrate Evolution and Darwin's Birthday, February 12th at 4pm

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Sunday, February 12, 2017 - 4:00pm

To celebrate evolution and Darwin Day February 12, 2017, The Jefferson Center will host a public lecture by Len Eisenberg on evolution, followed by serving of delicious birthday cake to all attendees. Attendees are encouraged to dress as your favorite plant or animal! (full or partial, these do not have to be elaborate). Anyone so dressed will be awarded a free tee shirt, and best of such costumes will also receive a free hoodie! Please join The Jefferson Center in celebrating one of the great achievements of science and reason; that life on Earth is one big extended family!

Len Eisenberg will present a short talk on "Evolution: Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask"
The two key lessons of evolutionary theory are that 1) that all life on Earth is related by descent with modification from common ancestors (in other words, life on Earth is one big extended family), and 2) natural selection is the primary driver of evolutionary change. These concepts are humorously illuminated by the use of Gary Larson cartoons, and the evidence for biological evolution is presented as answers to commonly voiced objections to evolution. For example, some people claim evolution is incompatible with religious belief vs. religious scientists who are prominent promoters of evolution. Another example shows claims that evolution has failed to confirm theory predictions vs. several predictions made by Charles Darwin that have been spectacularly confirmed. The last part of the talk briefly discusses how evolution might proceed in the future or on other planets. Plenty of time will be allowed for questions and comments before we devour the cake.

Len worked as an exploration and production geologist with Chevron Overseas, where he worked on exploration and production projects, mostly in Africa and Papua New Guinea. He now volunteer teaches in public schools and the community. Len hosts school programs for Briscoe Geology Park, and is on the Science Advisory Board at ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum, and built the Briscoe Geology Park in Ashland, the Climb through Time geologic climbing wall at ScienceWorks, and the earth history walk at Oregon Hills Park in Medford. Len promotes the teaching of evolution using a family approach through His current research interest is giant floods in the 190-million-year-old Navajo Sandstone in Utah.