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"The Reality of Socialism"

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Sunday, February 14, 2016 - 4:00pm

The February 14th Salon will be an open round table discussion of Socialism moderated by Noreen Hulteen. The concept of Socialism is often misunderstood in the USA. It is many things and many things it is not, resulting in a word frequently misused and misunderstood. There will be no slides or films, as Noreen will encourage questions and lead attendees in a lively discussion of this timely subject.
Noreen Hulteen is a long time Jefferson Center member and past board member. Born in England where she spent her early years she had lived in many places, including Uganda and California, before settling in Southern Oregon in 1999 with her husband Ron. Always active in politics, she is currently in the proccess of publishing "Socialism is Not a Dirty Word".
This event will be at the Jefferson Center located in the basement of the Old Ashland Armory.