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Parental Influence on Religiosity

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Sunday, June 14, 2015 - 4:00pm

On Sunday, June 14th, at 4pm the Jefferson Center Salon will be a round robin discussion concerning Parental Influence on Religiosity. Long time Jefferson Center member, Noreen Hulteen, will be the moderator. Most social scientist agree that religiosity, particularly church participation, is a learned behavior. One learns his religion from those around him. Fundamentalist parents tend to bring up children who share the fundamentalist tradition; liberal religious views are found most often among those who have been trained to such views. This is a great opportunity to discuss your own religious or non religious upbringing and how it affected your beliefs as well as how it influenced your parenting. How will the fact that Millennnial's, which are the fastest rising group of "nones" as far as religious affiliation is concerned, effect the religiosity of their offspring? Please join us for a lively group discussion. This salon will be at the Jefferson Center in the Old Ashland Armory.