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The Trouble with Clots

Dear Friends of good brains and critical thinkers,
Please take the time to read this, it may save you and your friends a lot of trouble. There have been new insights concerning strokes. The window of time to give a patient a blood thinner is longer- not 1-2 hours, but 6-8 hours, even days! This is due to a new finding that neurons without oxygen do not die immediatly, but rather they go into a sort of hybernation state, without metabolic actions. They sort of freeze and stay absolutely still. When the clot is gone and the warm blood with oxygen rushes back in, the sleeping beauty cells wake up and are fully functional.
There are also new clot busters now available called PTA, Plasma Tissue Activator. The PTA actively dissolves the plasma protein which caused the clotting. Cummerin is still used in heart attacks and strokes. PTA is more specific. Years ago, doctors used leeches. Their saliva contains a substance like cummarin. Cummarin needs to be controlled by a clinical lab, twice a day, so you don't get too much or too little. I did these delicate lab tests when I first became a clinical lab technician. One sits at a microscope with a stopwatch watching the blood clot.
Why doctors are reluctant to give you a blood thinner is because they think you will have internal bleeding. Most internal bleeding occurs in the intestinal track where the capilaries are very thin in order to absorb all of the food and drink you put into your stomach. I don't know about you, but I would prefer to lose some blood rather than nerve cells.
Remember! As a patient you have rights. You have a right to know the diagnosis, the method of treatment, and the results. You can give your opinion to the doctor.

In a stroke, the problem is not only the lack of oxygen, but also the pressure on the brain from the bleeding. Some hospitals open the skull and rinse out the blood with oxygenated saline. Mrs. Gabby Giffords, the democrat who was shot, had this done. She had a good recovery and was lucky to have had a good neurosurgeon in Arizona. When you bleed, the hemoglobin falls apart. The iron which it contains, can combine with other elements and can become toxic. The only way to get rid of this is with good circulation. You can see this with a bruise. Bruises turn black, blue, green, and yellow. That's the iron combining with other elements making all sorts of colors.
Another problem is some doctors give you an overdose of morphin to calm you down. Morphin is a drug with lots of side effects. For one thing it produces shallow breathing, which means even less oxygen to your cells. It's no help to put oxygen tubes up your nose, you need to take deep breaths to stretch those lungs so that oxygen attaches to the hemoglobin.
As you can see, there are many things to be done in those 6-8 hours! One important thing is, never leave a person unconscious. Consciousness helps circulationi. Morphin is a downer, that also does not help circulation. Keep thinking! That gives you more blood flow to your language area. That is why I have no speech problems. I am only paralyzed in my left arm and left leg.

I also want you to know that in Heidelberg, Germany, they had a trial with 800 stroke patients. Everyone got a blood thinner and all had a full recovery!
If you have any questions, just email me,
See you and take care,