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Skeptics Dictionary

This website is titled the Skeptics Dictionary. It provides definitions, arguments, and essays on subjects supernatural, occult, paranormal, and pseudoscientific. The Skeptic’s Dictionary does not try to present a balanced account of occult subjects. It also provides provide references to the best skeptical materials on whatever topic is covered. It is coordinated and it appears that most of the articles are written by Robert T. Carroll, Ph.D., retired Philosophy Professor at Sacramento City College. He wrote a textbook Becoming a Critical Thinker which was published in 2000 with a second edition in 2005.

The site lists several topics alphabetically, which then link to rather long articles about each one. This is not a quick way to find a definition, but if you want to learn a lot about an issue that is covered, it will provide you with a great wealth of material to ponder or lead you to further research.