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Past Lecturers

Len Eisenberg - "Evolution" (what it is, how it works, and how this important theory is often misrepresented in the public media). October 2011.

Barry Lynn - "Are the Culture Wars Over? Not By a Long Shot!"

Eugenie Scott - "Why Evolution Is Fact and Intelligent Design Is Fiction"

Eric S. Mallin - "Shakespeare, Godlessness and Perversity"

Paul Zachary (PZ) Myers - Charles Darwin Bicentennial Lecture

Lori Lipman Brown - "On a Voice To Congress for the 16% of Americans Who Are Non-Religious"

Bill Rauch - "OSF's 2008 Season: A Celebration of the Human"

Steve Benson and Dan Barker - "Tunes and 'Toons"

Carolyn Porco - "On the Cosmos and Life: The Greatest Story Ever Told"

Erik Wielenberg - "Objective Ethical Truth Without God"

Joyce Appleby - "What Is Still Living in Jefferson's Thought?" [inaugural lecture - October 2006]