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Freedom from Religion

The Jefferson Center should do more than just espouse secularism and free-thinking. Shouldn’t we also do our modest effort to push back against the far right religious community? One way is to present support of our government and its constitution in a manner so there is no misunderstanding of our nonpartisan political view.

Ric Thowless contributed a quote supporting this discussion topic, saying: "The following quote succinctly accomplishes that purpose. And I believe it, or something similar, should be prominently presented on our website." I added the quote to the About Us page. What do you think?

Quote: "The Constitution written by America’s founding fathers in 1787 was unique because it deliberately made no mention of God. This was no oversight; the framers intended America’s government to be a human institution, deriving its authority from 'We the People' rather than from any god." -from ebook Damned Good Company by Luis Granados (pg. 199)

One thing The Jefferson Center could do would be to put up a Reasons Greetings holiday display on the plaza around Xmas time. This year the Jewish group had a menorah up several days. In times past a creche has been there. I imagine the City allows all comers to put up displays. That, or they ignore a possible violation of code. TJC could put up a display that celebrates our secular constitution, and the pagan roots of the Xmas holiday (Sol Invictus, Santa Claus, the Yule tree, winter solstice, etc.). FFRF and affiliated groups have posted pix of displays they have used. Anyone want to take that project on? It would certainly give TJC a high profile, maybe even media coverage.