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This blog is for the developers of this proposed web site to test multi user blog capability, and to communicate ideas, Center member needs, and other implementation issues to each other. A Forum is better suited to this type discussion, so we closed this blog and opened several Forum areas for ongoing conversations.


I have run into this issue a few times. I do not know how to allow some accounts to have control over their content while restricting the other accounts from accessing that content, but not restricting the other accounts from access to their content. I need to read up on drupal permissions.

Question EVERYTHING (even this)

The book I purchased may have a description of this.
Well, I have tried what the book said, but it doesn't work yet

Question EVERYTHING (even this)

The welcome message needs to be in a separate box at the top of the page. Thus, when content is published, promoted to the front page, and marked on the top of the list, the welcome message is not moved. I assume we need to make a new box and assign the welcome message to that box.
Still need to read more.

Question EVERYTHING (even this)

I added a new block on the home page that was a dup of the content.
It does not move when things are promoted to the front page.

Question EVERYTHING (even this)

Hi Dan,
To answer your poll, I think the site isn't ready, but could be with revisions between now and the Board meeting. Some discussion will be needed at the meeting before hitting them with a view of the site, to set the stage for a positive reception.

I haven't made any contributions yet, but plan both image and text contributions over the coming week. I will also get a new starburst logo, or edit the current one in Photoshop as needed.

I have a proposal for the menu structure as well. More to come.

After trying out several "add content" sections, I realize that I had spoken too soon. This version isn't ready for a major content push. And you/Steve have limited me to a conventional author role, with VERY restricted editing, which isn't of much use to me at this point. As your content development partner, I need the ability to edit all pages, promote pages, order menus, create submenus, and add graphics such as images and slide shows. This is simple enough in Google Sites, but let me know if Druple's usability would be an issue.

I really like the forum addition, which could develop into a major asset for member communications. I also like the ease of the 'add content' screens (although in this prototype, they are not fully developed).

My main issue with this version is that it isn't yet a protoype of what we truly need. In my (admittedly long-ago) development background, a prototype includes the high-level structure and feel of the real thing, but not yet the functionality. Stubs are OK as long as the structure gives a good feel for how the finished product will perform.

This version has so much missing that it may raise concerns with the Board, rather than get a green light.

I'd rather see the green light, so the first thing to fix is the menu structure, to flesh out the navigation. I can send you my draft list of menu items, or you/Steve can give me better editing access so I can do my part.


OK, you have admin capability.
I am still playing with things. My understanding is increasing.
You might want to call me if you are about to do something weird.

Question EVERYTHING (even this)

Feel free to add the menu items.
If I disagree, I will contact you to discuss.

Oh, just FYI, 2-3 hours by Steve to set the basic stuff up, 1 hr by me to copy some content, 3-4 hr to experiment with things, order a book, and read some.
It is far from a prototype, but the simplicity to put this much together is very impressive. It will go faster as we learn more.

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I have implemented the date module, but have not yet figured out how to tie it to a calandar

Question EVERYTHING (even this)

See additions and moves. I moved the Home and Blogs items. I think the Blogs section should include a few links to blogs by famous nonbelievers as well as our own members (if this was your intent).

Ideally, the event-oriented Lecture, etc. items should require only one entry for updates, posted in date order under the menu item and pulled up for the home page as the event date nears. Likewise, events should disappear from the home page as soon as over, and move to an archive section. Would be nice to automate.

I like the RVUU home page a lot, especially the short list of upcoming events with live links to descriptions. We could do the same, linking to events in their respective menu tabs. Having a calendar as well would be nice, but not essential if the live list is present.

Thinking more about the home page, seems like we need some blocks (?) for the lead content and editable slide show, followed by a block for an unpcoming event list with live links, followed by a "next event" dated item block, then by general articles in last-in, first read order. Let's discuss.

minor issue: my browser's auto log in only works on the home page. Would be nicer to enable auto log in from anywhere on the site, if that is feasible. May be a browser (IE9) issue.

Added a Board menu item. Need permissions: visible to members only, editable only by Board members. Content should include agendas, minutes, financial reports with archive.

We will talk about permissions when you get here.

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I deleated the jc Directions menu item and replaced it with a link to a basic page with full html that invokes a google map page showing the address.

Question EVERYTHING (even this)

Added a basic page for referencing good sites. I will probably make a book out of this and the links of interest

Question EVERYTHING (even this)

This looks like a placeholder, not something for the show version.

I want to get the calendar working, then I may spend some time on this. It is the link to external blogs you wanted...
Well, you may have wanted something else, but this is what I know I can get you in a short time. If I have time, I will make it a view and that may do what you want... not sure yet.

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thanks for adding the Google Maps ref. I edited the page a bit and changed the menu title for simplicity

Much better menu name than mine!

Question EVERYTHING (even this)

As you see, I updated the front page and made revisions to many other sections. Using Len's newsletter as source.

The link list for events would be a pain to manage manually, so the calendar will be great to have--the RVUU site drives their event list from the calendar.

Also playing with the blog list. Tried to move it to the blog menu, but it disappeared; will find it!

renamed the outside blog page, and moved it back to the nav menu (sub to Links) since it wouldn't show up under Blogs.

Will add a few favorites, but leave the rest to you for book structure or whatever you have in mind. thanks for starting the list!

Maybe it would be simplest to merge the blog list with the other link list, perhaps in two sections? There are some blogs, (e.g. Panda's Thumb) on the old list.

Richard I really like the changes you are making

Question everything -- always; even this!

couldn't do much without your help!!

I have added an image gallery.

Not pretty yet, but a possibility as a start.
Still working on the calendar

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Very timely!
If I can, I'll I'll use this to post a set of photos for the front-page slide show. Theme/caption: 4th of July. I don't see an upload image button. I don't have a url of my own to list as you have done. FTP?

Well, these were at least some of the images that I had downloaded while you were here.
I "should" now have the capability to upload photos, but I do not yet know how to configure it.

Question everything -- always; even this!

FYI, I updated the blog content type so that newly created blogs don't automatically get posted to the front page.

Just saw the calendar pop up. I druther see the calendar on the main menu (like RVUU), with the "recent content" item hidden. It's great for developers/administrators, but noisy otherwise.

Moved it, hope you don't mind.

Well no problem on moving it. I never found it and have probably left the calendar and date in an unstable configuration. I hope Steve can fix and instruct.

Question everything -- always; even this!

I see the calendar up top with one click, as before.

I disabled (not deleted) the "recent" tab since it is too public. Would be good to have that link blocked for all but administrators as you've done with the add content link. Can't see how to do that with permissions.

BTW, I added Len Eisenberg as a user so I could use his name for such things as the President's Welcome.

I see you've added an RSS feed link. Would be good to have facebook, twitter too, though I have no clue as to how. I'm not a user of either service myself.

Well, the RSS feed module was from my old site.
I have not yet configured it (it may have self configured).
I am sure that drupal allows facebook and twitter... just takes time to find the right module

Question everything -- always; even this!

when a user logs in, his account info (my account button, log out button) can be obscured by the site title in narrower browser windows. How do we move it to prevent the overlap?

Well, I can turn off the tag line -- but that doesn't seem right--- I can make the theme have fixed fields, but that really screws things up. I think a subtheam may do it, but do not know enough yet to make one (I also think I need FTP access before I can make it).

Question EVERYTHING (even this)

Could the My Account and Log Out buttons be moved to the original log-in area?

Something to worry about later--our first showing of the site should not include log in/edit capability; it's too raw yet.

Thought this area was private, for content creators. Shows with no log-in

Sorry, I loaded lots of modules today, but haven't been able to configure them etc.
I will try to do some of it tonight.

Question everything -- always; even this!

all done

Question EVERYTHING (even this)

Hi Dan,

An image/load dialog just popped up, but it specifies background images and themes. Looks like these images are used for banners, etc. rather than for page content. Or am I missing something?

Well, I have been turning on some features.
Still trying to get the image download and gallery stuff working.
I didn't even know the dialog was there yet.

Question EVERYTHING (even this)

I'm in awe of your tech skills--new things keep popping up. Many thanks!

The "printer friendly version" button is missing from the "Join Us" page for visitors not logged in.

I promoted a book page to front, and notice wide gaps between items. Would be nice someday to reduce the white space.
I like that the front page truncates to the image and first content paragraph.

I edited the HTML from the old site to re-format the links page for a more compatible look. Would like to reduce the line spacing, but haven't figured it out yet. At least, the ugly graphics and font are gone.

Hid your blogs list for now, will add later.

The site looks ready for preview and the Board presentation. I'll send the link sans log-in info so that Len, Roy, and Jim can give some usability feedback and look for errors.

Hi Dan,
I noticed that the calendar work Steve did yesterday caused the book club announcement to appear on the home page "empty". I deleted it, since I'd already promoted the book annoncement with picture to home. It also disappeared on the calendar itself.

I opened comment areas under the event tabs and added examples to illustrate the capability