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Briscoe Geology Park Tour

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Sunday, May 11, 2014 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Len Eisenberg will lead a tour through geologic time at the Briscoe Geology Park on Sunday May 11 at 4pm. Bring your questions and comments for the many issues, both ancient and modern, connected to study of earth and life history. Adventurous souls can try their hand at a grade 6 to 8 activity sheet, the same as students attempt to complete when they come to the park on field trips. The park is at 265 N Main St, Ashland which is at the corner of High and Laurel Streets, a few blocks north of the Plaza, across from the Methodist Church, and next to the basketball court in the southwest corner of the old Briscoe Elementary School grounds.

Briscoe Geology Park in Ashland contains three 'time walks' along with visitors and students discover local geology, and how life and our planet have changed through time. Mass extinctions, ice ages, geologic time, evolution, human migrations, plate tectonics and more are illustrated at the park though custom tile work, landscaping and interpretive graphics. Briscoe Geology Park was built as a joint venture between volunteers, Ashland schools and Ashland Park and Recreation and is open to all. School programs for k4-12 are available through North Mountain Park Nature Center. More about the park can be found at

Len Eisenberg, past president of The Jefferson Center, is a geologist in Ashland, Oregon. After acquiring B.S. and M.S. degrees from San Diego State University, he worked for Chevron Overseas on exploration projects in Africa, Europe and Papua New Guinea. He now volunteer teaches, and runs, which promotes a family approach to teaching evolution. Len does school and community programs about evolution, earth history, and the petroleum industry, and built Briscoe Geology Park, and the ‘Climb through Time’ geologic climbing wall at ScienceWorks, both in Ashland, and an Earth History Walk in Medford, Oregon. His geologic research focuses on giant floods and long-lived lakes in the Navajo Sandstone in Utah.

Please note we will meet at the Park and then gather for refreshments and discussion following the presentation in Len's studio inside the old Briscoe Elementary School.