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Daniel.Curtis's blog

Blog Information

These blogs are written by members of the Jefferson Center.
The views expressed by these blogs are those of the member and do not necessarily represent our views or the views the Jefferson Center.

Content Owner Training/changes/web tools

This blog is where the developers place information relevant to the content owners.
This blog is underdevelopment and all the features below have yet to be added.

Access to the current version of the content owner training
Access to additions/changes of the web sites related to content owner needs.

Web Site changes

This is where the Web Developers provide information about new capabilities of the website.

Site developers' blog

This blog is for the developers of this proposed web site to test multi user blog capability, and to communicate ideas, Center member needs, and other implementation issues to each other. A Forum is better suited to this type discussion, so we closed this blog and opened several Forum areas for ongoing conversations.

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